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Discover the residence

A house dedicated to furnished apartment rents in a nice and calm suburban neigbourhood. Perfect for long term rental.


The apartments of the residence

Our apartments are all part of an individual house located in a nice suburban neigbourhood in the Versailles Frand Parc agglomeration, in Viroflay (next to Versailles and on the outskirts of Paris). It's a quiet and family-friendly neighbourhood with all the nearby local businesses (bakery, convenient store, bank, pharmacy, antique dealer, etc.)

Public transportation 5 minutes away

You'll have access to all public transportation 15 minutes away from Paris or business hubs such as Velizy and Saint Quentin en Yvelines, Paris la Défense and 5 minutes from Versailles.

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Useful information

We provide all useful information that could make your stay easier in the co-owned property.

Access to the property

  • By foot : 19, rue Maréchal Foch, Viroflay using the digicode (given to you prior to your arrival).
  • By car : between 22 and 25 avenue Georges Clémenceau, Viroflay, using the remote control.
  • For visitors and deliveries : use the intercom by selecting the name of the specific tenant.

Keys and badge

You will get as many keys as there are bedrooms and one badge per apartment

The locks for the entrance doors of each apartment a based on a 3-point system for maximum security.

The badge opens the gate for cars in the property (on street Georges Clémenceau).

Communal areas

Housekeeping of communal areas is regularly done by the cleaning staff.

You will find outside the apartments communal garbage bins (regular garbage, plastic, glass and organic).

The gardens are are cared for by the gardener.

Post services

Each apartment contains a mailbox with the tenant's name, with a specific key set.

Fire safety

Each apartment has an A-B type extinguisher, with a manual on the extire of the extinguisher.


Each appartement and studio has a garage or a parking inside the residence

10 reasons to love the residence

Leisure, comfort, security, neighborhood life… 15 minutes away from Paris!

1 - Comfort

The apartment is fully furnished… complete with all the tea spoons!

Our apartments, perfect for long term rental, are completely equiped to guarantee you a real cosy lifestyle. All you need is to put down your suitcases and perhaps bring your personal touch.

2 - Calm

A quiet and family-friendly neighbourhood

Ideally located in a surburban environment in the beautiful western outskirts of Paris, our apartments are calm, nice and bright.

3 - Culture

A true historical heritage right around the corner

Having the Château of Versailles and it's beautiful garden is a real treat, but many other wonders await in the region.

4 - Nature

Nature lovers will feel right at home

Surrounded by the Fausses-Reposes forest up North and Meudon forest on the south, strolling through the woods could quickly become part of your daily routine.

5 - Public transportation

All transport options 5 minutes away

3 train stations, multiple bus lines, highways and soon the tramway… 15 minutes away from Paris or business hubs such as Velizy and Saint Quentins, and 5 minutes from Versailles.

6 - Leisure

Shopping & fun activities

Restaurants, nightlife, sports and any other activity, find here all our tips.

7 - Education

For all the family

Good schools and renowned unisersities, medical services, sports & activities.

8 - Community services

All services aroud the corner

Convenient stores, hopsitals, places of worship, administrations.

9 - Communications

Wifi, TV, telephone in each appartment

An independant wifi in each apartment an all the equipement to keep in touch with the world.

10 - Security

A secure residence

Badges, 3-point locks, fire equipment.

Endorsements & certifications

Our apartments are certified three stars by organisations specialized in housing and tourism.

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